Turn your iPhone or Android handset into a photography weapon with snappgrip!

…the definitive hardware camera controller for smartphones.


the snappgrip controller

Compact, convenient and ergononmic, the snappgrip controller features hardware controls for:
  • shutter / focus
  • zoom
  • shooting mode
plus a tripod mount and USB port for charging the internal 60 hour standby battery. The controller works wirelessly over low-energy Bluetooth with your iPhone or Android handset and a compatible app giving smartphone photography the comfort and convenience of a 'big' camera.

the snappgrip case

Combining daily handset protection with quick & easy mounting for the snappgrip controller, the snappgrip case makes it easy to conveniently maximise your smartphone photography experience.

Own more than one phone or want to share with friends and family? You can purchase additional snappgrip cases to use your snappgrip controller with all of your handsets whether they're iPhone or Android.


add-on lenses

Our range of add-on lenses screw into the snappgrip case to broaden your photography options. The range comprises:

  • microscope
  • fisheye & macro
  • wide angle & macro
  • telephoto
(not compatible with iPhone 4s)